Great Reads for the New Year

1 Jan

A great book, a cup of tea, and a cozy blanket is a great hangover cure! Launch yourself into the new year with one or more of these great reads.

Annabel: A Novel

Kathleen Winter’s debut novel is the story of a hermaphrodite born in a tiny Canadian coastal village in 1968. Treadway Blake decides to raise his child as a male, naming him Wayne and having his female genitalia sewn closed, while his wife Jacinta quietly attempts to nurture Wayne’s “female side” (which Wayne names Annabel). This book asks the reader to reimagine traditional notions of gender identification, while telling a universal story about a father’s well-meaning desire to impose male gender roles on his son.


Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

Before you make that new year’s resolution to start a diet, read this book. It’s for every woman who has struggled with her relationship to food, or any other substance that can be abused. Geneen Roth’s theory is that our relationship with food is directly related to, and representative of, our beliefs about life. Therefore, she says, our relationship with food is inseperable from our spiritual beliefs (Roth uses the term “God”, though acknowledges its limitations). This is the book that caused Oprah to declare that she will never diet again–hopefully it will lead you to the same revelation.

Going on Being: Buddhism and the Way of Change

Part memoir, part philosophy, this book finds bestselling author Mark Epstein linking the Buddhist practice of mindfulness with the practice of “going on being”, a term coined by Western psychologist D.W. Winnicott. Epstein declares that psychoanalysis can be a kind of meditation, helping to free the individual from “psychological emptiness.” By ending the cycle of reactivity, one is able to live in the moment and embrace the concept of “going on being.”


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