‘Tis the Season for Chocolate

21 Dec

Okay, every season is the season for chocolate. But this is the season for lots and lots of chocolate (no guilt allowed!).

If you’re going to feast on chocolate, and you ought to, I suggest you opt for Marcie Blaine Artisinal Chocolates. Handcrafted and exquisite, these chocolates are a decadent treat perfect for any cocoa-lover.

Marcie Blaine chocolates feature worldy flavors (inspired by Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine), though the chocolates call Philadelphia home. Chef and entrepreneur Marcie Blaine Turney uses local, organic ingredients from nearby Lancaster County in her chocolate creations. And Turney’s talent doesn’t stop at chocolate. She and Valerie Sofran own six shops and restaurants on 13th Street in Philadelphia, including Verde boutique, home to the Marcie Blane chocolate kitchen.

Year-round flavors include the spicy Hot Lolita (with canela and ancho chile), Mango Lassi, Smoked Bacon, and Mexian Mole. The team has also crafted four enticing holiday flavors for 2010: Cranberry Bliss, Spiked Eggnog, Ginger… Snap!, and Peppermint Crunch. If those Christmasy concoctions don’t put you in the holiday spirit, you might just be destined to be a Grinch for eternity!

While all these sassy flavors and designs offer a wow-factor, the Marcie Blaine chocolates closest to my heart are the four Philadelphia Series delights. Gorgeous designs for Love Park, Liberty Bell, Soft Pretzel, and Philly Skyline chocolates make me homesick for the City of Brotherly Love. The Soft Pretzel chocolate features peanut butter and pretzel ganache. It takes a genius chocolatier to draw such inspiration from a blue-collar street food! And while there’s nothing quite like a dense Philly soft pretzel topped with mustard, Marcie Blaine’s Soft Pretzel is a delicious up-scale version.

If you’re looking for unique textures and flavors, try one of Marcie Blaine’s chocolate barks, such as the chock-full Pub Crawl or the simple Fleur de Sel. Happily, Marcie Blaine delivers all over the world!


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