(Re)Treat Yourself

3 Dec

Does holiday stress have you dreaming about a vacation? Relaxing on the beach sipping a Mai Tai would undoubtedly make you feel refreshed. But how long would that refreshment last?

This year, consider a different kind of getaway: a yoga retreat. Relaxing? Yes. And the benefits will likely last beyond the plane ride home. A yoga retreat can leave you feeling rejuvinated and allow you time to meditate, consider maj0r life changes or decisions, and learn stress-relief skills.

Cheekie has researched some amazing yoga retreats, ranging from cost-effective to pricey and luxurious. Whether you are new to yoga or a relative expert, you deserve to (re)treat yourself!

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat (Colorado)

Several housing options allow for a retreat to fit virtually every budget. Overnight stays include two yoga classes per day, morning and evening meditation, and three vegetarian meals daily. Located in the Colorado Rockies, Shoshoni’s gorgeous setting helps the mind and body to relax. The center teaches classical hatha yoga and offers ayurvedic health therapies for an additional cost.


Sivananda Ashram (Bahamas)

If you are looking to combine the bliss of a beautiful beach vacation with the rejuvination of a yoga retreat, Sivananda Ashram is a perfect fit for you. In this case, the most expensive part of the trip will be your travel to and from the Bahamas, as the accomodation and program rates are quite affordable. Sivananda offers a number of unique programs, including Yoga and Sound, Yoga and the Family, and Meditation and Yoga Philosophy.


Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (Massachusetts)

A renowned yoga center and ashram, Kripalu offers rich retreat and renewal packages that include accomodations, all-natural meals, yoga and YogaDance™ classes, evening events, experiential workshops, and the center’s beautiful ammenities. Save money by visiting Kripalu during value weeks. One unique aspect of Kripalu is its intense focus on healthy living. Many programs center on nutrition, weight loss and fitness, so you can combine your yoga retreat with a detox or digestive health restoration.


Pura Vida Retreat and Spa (Costa Rica)

This stunningly beautiful resort provides a luxurious setting for yoga retreats. Yoga teachers from all over the world host retreats at Pura Vida. Programs typically include accomodations, meals, classes and workshops. In addition, you can book spa treatments and eco-tours to boost your relaxation or include some adventure in your trip. Or, you might just want to spend time soaking in the lush scenery.


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