Make Irregular Shoe Choices

18 Nov

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios


Whoopi Goldberg appeared on Oprah last week wearing heels. Which, if you know anything about Whoopi, is rare. And they weren’t just heels–they were crazy, pink, ankle-boot heels. They were so flashy that Oprah’s first question for Whoopi was about the shoes.

She got them, it turns out, from Irregular Choice–and they are only one pair of the many funky shoes this company sells.

These shoes aren’t for the faint-of-heart. Bold, flamboyant, and sometimes all-out crazy, Irregular Choice’s shoes are absolute conversation starters. They even offer vegetarian show-stoppers.

A 10 year-old British company, Irregular Choice has opened a flagship store in New York. Plus, you can purchase products on the website–which is, well, irregular. You know you’re in for a unique experience from the first click. (In addition to shoes, Irregular Choice offers accessories and clothing.)

Some styles that stick out:

Abigails Party (the style Whoopie wore)

Choo Choo (vegetarian)

Hot Mama


Patty (vegetarian)

Spat Attack

Sweety Bird

All Pain No Gain


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