Cheekie’s New Category: You Decide!

17 Nov

Exciting news! Cheekie will be adding a new category soon!

Okay, okay. We know Cheekie is still brand new, so technically all our categories are new. Eh, who cares? Our goal at Cheekie is to be constantly evolving and improving, and offering a new category is a brilliant way to pursue this goal!

The best part? You get to decide which category we add. Yep, that’s right. It’s totally up to you.

Papa Diddy and Meg celebrate their right to vote!

So… what are the options? It’s down to two: Poochie and Personalities.

Poochie would be a category for all things pooch-related. We might dabble in the Kittie genre occasionally, but pups would be the main focus. Posts would range in topic from pet health to doggy toys to stories about my outrageously naughty and loveable dog, Miles. (Who, by the way, escaped from my apartment today and took himself on a walk to the dog park–see our about page for another charming story about Mo Mo.)

The Personalities category would allow us to profile interesting, amazing, and unique women in their 20s and 30s. A business owner, a comedian, an author… the possibilities for this category are inifinte. These profiles would use a Q&A format, and would hopefully offer an inspiring look at the lives of all different kinds of women. I’ve always been inspired by my peers–when I witness a young woman living an extraordinary life, I feel empowered to make my life more extraordinary.

So don’t just sit there! Get voting!


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